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3rd March 2021
We seldom lose our faith by a blow out, usually it is just a slow leak


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The Psalms - Part 1

This 11 minute video on Introduction to the Psalms - Part 1 lays the foundation to engaging with the Psalms in your daily life and devotion.

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25 February 2021

Women of the Bible

Women's shoesEsther, Jezebel, and Rachel are the most read and most viewed articles on the whole of our web site.

They are part of our series on 'Women of the Bible' which continues to be the most popular material on our web site.

To find out why you will have to read them yourself. Women of the Bible


Acts of the Apostles

Our summary of the Acts of the Apostles is consistently the second most read section on this site after the Women of the Bible.

The gift of the Holy Spirit is still the greatest asset the Church has today. The body of Christ can still witness God moving across the nations in power as in the days of the Acts of the Apostles.

Open Bible

In Christ

We recently wrote a new article on 'In Christ, With Christ and For Christ'. This is a good primer for those who want to go deeper in their walk with Christ.

Please take a look and also consider our popular piece on different types of prayer.

Our Audio section is another new addition. You should also find Dr. Craig video on 'Does God exist?' a useful evangelistic tool. There is plenty in stock for you here.

Remain in God's grace

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