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Bible studies

booksThe Bible studies are the most widely used material on our web site. Thousands of people world-wide are using these free studies every week, from churches, fellowships, prison ministries, individuals, missionaries e.t.c

These studies employ the question approach. They are designed for use in a bible study discussion group

Please read our revised notes on leading the studies and copyright notice.

Those marked * are the most popular. The studies come as single studies or series and


  1. Acts of the Apostles
  2. Armour of God*
  3. Different types of prayer*
  4. Ezra
  5. Faith
  6. Genesis
  7. Gospels (The)
  8. Gideon - Lessons for today
  9. Healing*
  10. Healing in the atonement
  11. Hebrews
  12. Holy Spirit (The)
  13. James (The Book of)*
  14. Jeremiah (The Book of)*
  15. Meditating on the Word
  16. Men of the Bible
  17. Passion (The)
  18. Study on Philippians
  19. Job
  20. Joshua
  21. Jonah
  22. 1 Samuel*
  23. Tithes and offering*
  24. Women of the Bible*

Single studies

  1. Building on the Rock
  2. Christ's return
  3. Developing a prayer life - The Lord's prayer*
  4. Esau and Jacob
  5. Faith
  6. Faith in God
  7. Giving
  8. God's Guidance
  9. God's Love
  10. How to lead a bible study discussion group*
  11. How to use the Bible studies*
  12. Inter-Testament history
  13. Making time for loved ones
  14. People in the Gospels and Acts
  15. The church: the body of Christ*
  16. The Covenant
  17. What is water Baptism?