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| Author: Dele Oke

Jesus in Hebrews

He is higher than the angels
The exact representation of God (1:1-4).

He is the one to whom all things are subject (2:8-10).
Our Great High Priest (3:1)

He is our rest (4:1) and source of our grace (4:16)
Our intercessor (5:7) and source of salvation (5:9)

He is the one who has given us an unfailing and enduring word (6:13-14).
The King of righteousness and King of peace.

The one with no beginning and no end (7:1-3)
He sits at the right hand of God.
Occupant of the seat of authority (8:1-2)

He is the one who can take us into the depths of God?s heart
Opening the door of the Holy place (9:11-12)

He is the one who shed his blood for us.
Giving birth to a multitude of believers
A growing body of fellowship (10:19-25)

He is our faith.
Not only the source but also the sustainer (11:1-4)

He is our example in endurance (12:3)
The strengthener of our hands (12:12)

He is the changeless one (13:8)
Worthy of our continuous praise (13:15)
He is Jesus Christ the Lord
Shepherd of our souls (13:20-21)

Have you read the book of Hebrews lately!
Go and have a read now.
You will get to know him better.